The importance of a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyle cancer
An improved lifestyle can have a significant impact on quality of life. In some cases, a better lifestyle can lead to a better tolerance of a treatment and reduced side effects after or during a treatment. Several research papers have individually confirmed the positive correlation between lifestyle and quality of life for specific cancer types.

Scientific literature links the following indicators to lifestyle: level of physical activity, sleep quality, nutrition, smoking behavior, alcohol consumption and stress level. These indicators are used to calculate a ‘Lifestyle Score’ on Esperity. By following your lifestyle score over a certain period of time you might see fluctuations that can make you aware about specific indicators of lifestyle that deserve a bit more attention.

What are the recommendations?

Although setting goals to achieve a better health is very individual, there are some general recommendations that you could use to define your personal goals. Of course, it is important to assess the feasibility with your health professionals if you have difficulties or have specific questions related to your condition.
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